Job at Scanpharm

Open positions and applications:

There are currently no open positions at Scanpharm, but you are most welcome to enter your application with your CV. Please do not expect a direct response. We shall contact you when seeing an opportunity.

If you search for blue collar work, please send us a mail with your personal details and previous experience. Preferably you have experience with medicinal or food supplement manufacturing.

Please feel free to mail to:

Scanpharm cares for health – around the world. Scanpharm plays an important role  in general improvement of health by supplementation. Scanpharm employs around 45 people on 2 sites in Denmark. Today, the Scanpharm products are marketed in more than 50 markets. The most important brands are:

Pregnatal® – for healthy pregnancy and lactation

The Viminova® product range – for improved health of toddlers, children and adults, or for a specific health need.

Novagesic Flu® – for relieving the common flu.

Dapson® – for treatment of Leprosy and Dermatitis Herpetiformis.

Trimazin® – a Veterinarian Drug for treatment of  Pneumonia.

Scanpharm’s other business pillars are manufacturing and packing of technical/chemical products as well as healthcare contract manufacturing and contract packing, laboratory analysis. Scanpharm focuses on quality and on providing premium service level for our business partners around the world. Scanpharm has a global reach and acts as a truly international company.

Scanpharm operate in conformity with cGMP and Code of federal regulation rules (FDA).  We are approved by the Danish Medicines Agency (Paragraph 39) and the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration to manufacture, pack and analyse pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. Scanpharm’s manufacturing sites are subject to inspection by the two authorities.

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