Contract Manufacturing & Lab

Contract Manufacturing & Lab

Packaging, Re-packaging & Laboratory Services (Rx, OTC, Food Supplements etc.)

An extensive number of business partners – multinationals, large organizations and local companies – have chosen Scanpharm to manufacture, pack or re-pack their products, and to perform Laboratory Analysis. Easing sourcing and co-creating better business for our partners is our mission. Complying with each business partner’s specific needs and requirements is what we deliver. Know-how, experience and quality are our prerequisites.   We welcome new business partners, and look forward to an opportunity for an informal talk on value building for your company. Please contact Andreas Bjørn Jensen  or Pia Agerbo.

Scanpharm is specialized in manufacturing and handling of Rx, (Including Narcotics), OTC & Food Supplements.

In each single partnership we adapt to the partner’s specific needs and we can respond accurately to most requirements.

Contract Manufacturing.production

We perform high quality manufacturing of your tablets, capsules, liquids and powder/granulates. We comply with a broad range of regulatory requirements like  Rx, OTC and Food Supplement.

For further information please contact: Andreas Bjørn Jensen  or Pia Agerbo.

Packing or re-packing.

Scanpharm has a vast experience with packing and re-packing our partner’s products – at both large scale and small scale and our packing services are extensive and diversified. To mention just a few:

  • Labelling of vials and ampoules
  • Blistering of capsules and tablets
  • Filling of tablets in containers of various sizes, dimentions and materials
  • Filling of powder or tablets in sachets or bags
  • Inserting product leaflets in sales boxes
  • Filling of liquids into pipette bottles
  • Filling syrups or tonics into bottles and labelling bottles
  • De-blistering and re-blistering


Regulatory requirements are subject to increasingly fast changes and to meet this development, being able to occasionally switch sales box, insert leaflet or to re-label blister cards is important. Scanpharm is specialized at performing such services with accuracy and speed, and we comply with all the regulatory classes: Rx, OTC and Food Supplement.


Scanpharm operates large warehousing facilities with spaces for storing at room temperature, for cold storage and special facilities for storing of narcotics.

For further information please contact: Andreas Bjørn Jensen  or Pia Agerbo.

Quality assurance

3Quality is an integral aspect of our services and our daily work. Scanpharm’s quality perspective is that of pharmaceutical GMP irrespective of business segment we serve.

  • Manufacturing facilities described in our Site Master Files.
  • Manufacturing of pharmaceutical drugs since 1961.
  • Complies with GMP and the Danish Health and Medicines Authority’s demands (Paragraph 39 certified).
  • 2 Sites, Human Drugs, Narcotic drugs.
  • Complies with the Danish Food Authorities (HACCP).

Laboratory service.

Scanpharm operates a well-equipped cGMP laboratory and employs a highly skilled lab staff. Laboratory services are carried out with competence, accuracy and speed, responding to our partners’ individual needs. Such services include:

  Chemical, physical and microbiological analysis of medicals, food supplements, chemicals, raw materials and packaging materials.

  • Analysis corresponding to customer specific methods or pharmacopoeia methods.
  • Stability testing
  • Analysis in connection with process and cleaning validations

Our other services

Scanpharm maintains a valid Manufacturer’s GMP Certificate (Paragraph 39) and is regularly audited by the Danish Health and Medicines Authorities. Scanpharm is approved to perform physical, chemical and microbiological analysis on raw materials, intermediate products, medicinal products and packaging materials for drugs. The laboratory analysis are performed according to “The rules Governing Medicinal Products in the European Union, Volume 4, Guide to Good Manufacturing Practices for Medicinal Products”. The Laboratories are regularly inspected by the Authorities.

Scanpharm performs the analysis according to pharmacopeia’s (Ph.Eur., USP, BP). We develop and validate methods in collaboration with our customers. The methods are used during product development, registration processes, stability studies and releases of products.

We take care of your:

  • Raw materials
  • Packaging materials
  • Final products
  • Stability studies
  • Reference samples / retention samples
  • Analytical techniques
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